What are First-year Interest Groups?

Build Community

Enroll in a FIG to Create Successful Connections in your First Quarter

Students who enroll in a FIG

  • Build community and make friends
  • Develop relationship with professors early
  • Pre-reserve for first quarter courses
  • Aim to earn higher first quarter grades
  • Connect to campus resources
  • Have a smoother transition to university life

What is a FIG?

A first-year Interest Group (FIG) is a cluster of courses students enroll in, typically two General University Requirement (GUR) courses and one seminar course (SMNR 101). While the seminar class size itself is small, the GURs are typically larger. FIG cluster range from 2-3 classes and offer student a variety of courses in their first quarter. Students are encourage to register for one additional course beyond the FIG courses.

FIG Program Goals

As part of the first-year experience of entering students, the First-year Interest Groups Program at Western intends to:

  • Offer first-year students a small group experience to help them integrate into university life.
  • Offer first-year students the opportunity for more interaction with instructors.
  • Communicate high academic expectations to students.
  • Help students recognize and take advantage of the roles that various campus resources play in their academic lives.