First-year Interest Groups (FIGs)

Your transition to college will involve some important questions: Who will I meet? What technology will I use? How will I register for classes? Where will I find support for navigating campus and managing course load?

At Western Washington University, our First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs) help students make connections and explore campus life. FIGs give you the opportunity to:

  • Fall 2022 FIG clusters.
  • Lock in the most popular classes early.
  • Get a guaranteed basic schedule.
  • Meet some of the best professors.
  • Make new friends.
  • Get help from experienced Western student advisors.
  • Learn new technologies.

FIGs Registration

Once you’ve enrolled at Western, you receive your scheduled registration time. Register for a FIG to form deep connections with a maximum class size of 20-25 students. In your first quarter, your FIG peers share at least two general university requirements (GUR) courses with you.

Western Washington University FIGs have extraordinary results. Students typically earn higher first-quarter grades and learn to gain access to campus resources. FIGs also build meaningful relationships with professors and peers to smoothly transition to college life.

Other First-Year Academic Programs

At Western, our priority is your success—your sense of feeling in place, finding your people, and progressing in your academic goals. FIGS and other first-year programs prepare you for success during your college transition.

Early Start: Viking Launch

Join our campus a week before fall term, form social connections, and earn academic credit in the Viking Launch program.

New Student Experience Seminars

A New Student Experience Seminar explores a special topic or community-engaged learning opportunity. In a small class of first-year learners, connect with students who share a common interest.

Year-Long Strands

Over your first year, take three successive courses with a cohort of students who are passionate about environmental studies or biology. Learn more about our Year-Long Strands.

Transition to College Life at Western Washington

At Western Washington University, first-year students benefit from all kinds of support. We offer FIGs, campus resources, experienced mentors, dedicated professors, and so much more. Develop the connections and strategies you need to excel throughout your Bachelor's degree.